What are work parties?

It's when a bunch of (mostly) members and prospective members go up to the Lodge and do various maintenance, renovation, repairs, new installations and so forth. The simplest jobs are painting, filling the wood and dry stores, which have to be done every year.  Typically, work starts at 9:00 a.m. and finishes at 4:00 to 5:00 pm depending on how things are going. All of your meals and accommodation are provided.


Upcoming Work Parties

The following dates are planned subject to planned work.

Labor Day Work Party 9-Mar-2024 to 11-Mar-2024
Easter Work Party 29-Mar-2024 to 1-Apr-2024
ANZAC Work Party 25-Apr-2024 to 28-Apr-2024
Kings birthday Work Party 8-Jun-2024 to 10-Jun-2024

How do I get to go on a work party?

Those interested in attending need to register via the form below. Places are limited so first come first served! Try and give as much notice as possible, because we need to organise supplies in keeping with how many people are going. If you need to cancel for any reason, you must let us know ASAP. If you cancel within 48 hours of the work party, you will be charged a nominal sum for the food that has already been ordered on your behalf.


Members please ensure you are logged in prior to filling in the request form

Non Members - do not use the form below, please send a request to Maintenance Officer

Work Party Registration

Changed Work Party requirements for those travelling long distances

The committee approved a change in the work party requirements for the increasing number of aspiring members who live some distance from Mt Hotham. For example, it takes Victorian members about 5 hours to drive to Hotham but it takes Sydney and Adelaide folk twice as long. In the new arrangements the committee agreed that applicants of any age who travel greater than 9 hours to do a work party will be credited one work party day for travel day (i.e. if you attend the Easter 4 day WP, to do 3 days WP at Hotham you get one day credit for travel). Once joined, normal rules for work parties apply. Aspiring Sydney and Adelaide members should be able to complete their obligations easily over Easter

The more work party days you do, the greater the discount off your Lodge fees during the ski season. The following table shows the discount you get off your Lodge fees for the number of work party days you've done. Note that Spouse and Child members can also get discounts if they complete the required number of work parties as well.


Work Party Discounts

Work party days Discount off Winter Lodge fee
20 - 39 days 20%
40 - 59 days 30%
60 - 79 days 40%
80 - 99 days 50%
100 - 119 days 60%
120 - 139 days 70%
140+ days 80%


The discount is applied at the time of booking so be sure to check your current work party balance while editing a booking to ensure you get the right discount.