Ormond Ski Club Membership

Membership Eligibility


Past and present residents of Ormond College and children of Members are the only people normally accepted for full membership. Current students are entitled to join as a Student member. Past Ormond College residents normally join as Graduate members. The other two Full membership categories are Life and Honorary Life membership. Life membership was offered in the early years of the Club and is not currently available. A member may be elected as an Honorary Life member on the recommendation of the Committee for outstanding service in promoting the interests of the Club by at least a two thirds majority vote at a General Meeting.

Full members are entitled to have their family members or a close friend join and ski at member rates according to the following categories. There is no joining fee for these member categories and annual subscriptions are payable only if the relevant membership is to be used that year. To add or remove a spouse, child or buddy member please contact the Membership officer.

  • Spouse member: Each full member can elect to have their spouse join as a Spouse member.The spouse member can accrue work party days and work party discounts apply to Spouse members. A Spouse member is entitled to attend at and vote at a General Meeting.
  • Buddy member: Each full member is entitled to have a buddy membership where for any single booking, a nominated person can ski as their buddy at member rates. As a buddy membership does not attach to an individual, work party days and discounts do not apply. Voting rights do not attach to this category of membership.
  • Note: a member can not have a spouse and a buddy member simultaneously. The buddy can change from booking to booking and can also be the Member's spouse.
  • Child member: All dependent children of members aged 3 to 18 are entitled to join as Child Members. When they turn 18, Child Members are expected to join as either Graduate or Student members in their own right. This requires completing at least four work party days and paying the Joining Fee as per standard joining process.
  • Note: children under 3 years of age do not require membership and are not charged lodge fees. It is expected these infants will sleep in adult provided cots, not a bed and will eat parent provided food normally.
Membership Guide

Full details of the membership of Ormond Ski Club are found in the Membership Guide Download.

Membership Fees

There is a one time joining fee and an annual subscription.  The joining fee is $750.00 for Graduates, which payable in two installments over the first two years of membership. For Students, the joining fee is $200.00 initially with the remaining $550.00 payable when you move to Graduate membership.

Current year subs can be found on the Subscriptions page. All prices include GST.

Applying to join

If you are eligible to join the club and have started doing work party days, contact the membership officer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and he will send you an application form with instructions.

Leave of Absence

Members who move overseas or interstate for an extended period of time can apply to go on Leave of Absence which means their membership is temporarily suspended until they return to reside in Victoria or want regular usage of the Lodge. While a member is on Leave of Absence they can only be booked at Guest rates. Please contact the Membership officer for more information.

Work Party Discounts

To see the discounts you can earn by going on work parties, check the Work Party Discounts page.

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