General Information

Ormond Ski Club is a private members club for past and current students and tutors who resided at Ormond College at The University of Melbourne.

Lodge Bookings Information

There are two bookings periods for the Lodge - Winter and Summer. There are the bookings for formal ski season (Jun - Sep) when Winter Lodge rates apply and then outside of Ski season (Oct - May) when members and guests want a peaceful time up in the alps and there is no skiing and no snow, the Summer Lodge rates apply at this time.

Winter Lodge Bookings

All Winter Bookings must be booked by a current financial (i.e. paid up) Member for all members and guests staying at the Lodge during the Ski Season. All Winter bookings are booked through the main web site via the Booking Summary link in the Member Details area. For those without Internet access, bookings can also be made through the Booking Officer.

Lodge Booking Rates include accommodation and food.

Summer Lodge Bookings

All Summer Lodge bookings are booked directly with the Booking Officer. The Summer Lodge rate is a minimum rate to cover basic utilities costs and some dry food - all other food has to be provided by guests.

Work Parties 

Note that the Club schedules a number of work parties during the summer months to do maintenance activities. The work parties have priority over summer bookings however summer bookings may be accommodated if the work party is not full on a particular weekend.

Snow Season Information

Information you need for a fun and happy stay at the Lodge during Ski Season.

At all times during ski season there is a Lodge Leader who is appointed by the Bookings Officer.  All Members are expected to abide by and follow the directions of the Lodge Leader. Members are responsible for their guests and for ensuring guests and their children perform their tasks as appointed by the Lodge Leader.

The Club has a list of duties, such as making dinner, cleaning up and stocking the firewood.