Lodge Guide


Ormond Ski Lodge has fourteen bedroom with seven bedrooms upstairs and a further seven downstairs.  Sleeping arrangements in the rooms are bunk style bedding to maximise space utilisation. Room sleeping capacity varies between two and five people per room. Room 12 is intended for families and is the only room with an en suite - there are shared bathrooms upstairs and downstairs for all guests to use.  The maximum capacity of the Lodge is 42 people.

Note: There are no cots at the Lodge for infants so all members and guests will need to bring portable cots if required.  Please be sure to notify the booking officer if you require a room with space for a cot during your stay.

A simplified graphic of the bedroom and bathroom layout is available here for Download.



Locker Map The Club has a number of lockers at the Lodge which Members can use to store skiing equipment, boots and other items.

There are 44 lockers at the Lodge and all are currently allocated. The location of the lockers is shown below. There are a number of lockers in the fresh food store room as the Locker room is full.

If you wish to be added to the waiting list for a locker, you can apply for one when logged in or by contacting the Memberships Officer.

As the lockers are in demand, if you are no longer wishing to use your locker, please advise the Membership Officer so your locker can be re-allocated.